The Bulls Eye Mick Woodward Handicap Round

Handicap round saw a mixture of players battling it out at the clubhouse and ski club. It was a great night to catch up with those who you don’t get to play during the home n away season. It was a fun night had by all which is what the handicap round is supposed to be about. Let’s see what next week brings.


Rattlers 2.0 4 def Under Par 3
A Bevan 4t,64peg, D Ebbels 4t, L Walsh 7t, Di Ebbels 1t, B Lush 3t ,180, AJ Kelly 1t, A Loshe 2t.

Carefactor 6 def Jaggers 1
R Dixon 3t, K Watts 4t, R Wilson 4t, J Cooper 1t, D Rust 2t.

Young Guns 5 def Yarra BAD 2
B Hughes 5t, J Ormand 4t ,180, Z Leonard 9t, R Macdonald 2t, L Wallace 4t, B Ashlin 1t, A Wood 89peg.

Dartin Devils 5 def Miss Hits 2
M Hopgood 5t, J Rodwell 3t, P Roksandic 2t, A Wallace 1t.

Damage Inc 6 def Grasshoppers 1
T Helmore 9t, C Midolo 6t ,73peg, A Robinson 5t,180, P McGuane 1t, R Perkins 3t.

Team 26 4 def Flyers 3
J Velja 4t, D Carrol 1t, S Taylor 2t, A Kuol 1t, D Johnson 3t, R Parsell 1t, J Russell 1t.

Rattlers 4 def Pelicans 3
M Brownlie 2t, R Gook 7t, C Sloman 2t, P Cantlon 1t, D Barrat 1t, T Symons1t, T Canning 5t, R Canning 1t ,70peg.

Ski Clun 5 def 41ers 2
M Woodward 13t, T Loomes 2t, B Morris 6t,75peg, C Reid 4t, 180, I Duus 3t, K Cox 1t, C Hyland 4t, S Talbot 2t.

Thoona Travellers 5 def Tungamah Talons 2
D Waugh 2t, C Sallows 3t, K Fiske 3t, A White 2t, G Callander 2t.

Golf Club had the bye


A Grade.


Golf Club 24 30
Damage Inc 20 31
Ski Club 16 28
Young Guns 12 24
Under Par 8 19
The Rattlers 8 17

B Grade.


Carefactor 24 31
Dartin' Devils 20 29
Thoona Travellers 16 27
Rattlers 2.0 12 26
Team 26 12 19
Pelicans 8 21

B Res.


4lers 20 31
The Jaggers 16 20
The Flyers 12 25
Grasshoppers 8 18
Tungamah Talons 8 18
Miss Hits 8 16
Yarra B.A.D. 0 11