The Bulls Eye

Round 14

The Yarrawonga Hotel (Pelican) encouragement voucher this week goes to Steve Knight from B Reserve for his 5 tons well done Steve, thank you to Yarrawonga Hotel.

Well done to R Lindsay 180 highest peg K Watts 120. Good luck in the last round everyone.


Ski Club 4 def Pistols 3

M. Woodward 7t, R. Lindsay 5t (180), B. Morris 7t, J. Bakkum 6t, J. Walker 6t, D. Thomson 5t, Mark 2t, D. Leonard 2t.

Burnseys 4 def Mrs Browns Boys 3

B. Arnold 5t, M. Burns 1t, L. Burns 2t, A. Young 4t, J. Burns 1t, M. Rodwell 3t, J. Velja 5t, S. Bankier 3t, M. Rodwell 1t, J. Rodwell 1t.

Under Par 5 def T S Tigers 2

S. Rosenow 2t, D. Ebbles 4t, A. Bevan 7t, Dennis Ebbles 1t, D. Scones 4t, J. Troop 4t, L. Garlton 2t.

Bye: Darty Deeds



Darty Deeds 44/63
Ski Club 44/59
Pistols 36/62
Tinshed Tigers 16/33
Burnseyes 18/32
Under Par 12/35
Mrs Brown's Boys 04/34



Carefactor 5 def T S Tavern 2

R. Dixon 4t, K. Watts 8t, D. Hall 2t, Brad 2t, J. Patterson 3t, Ros Hall 2t, R. Marshall 3t, Raewyn Marshall 1t, Rob Hall 1t.

Redbacks 4 def Dilligaf 3

J. Ormond 3t, C. Middiolo 3t, Cashton 5t, P. Revell 2t, T. Walls 1t, M. Brownlie P. Cantlon 2t, C. Cantlon 1t.

Young Guns 4 Def Thoona Travellers 3

P. Rogash 3t, A. White 1t, C. Sallows 2t, Z. Leonard 4t, T. Helmore 5t, R. Mcdonald 2t.



Redbacks 40/61
Tinshed Tavern 40/55
Carefactor 36/54
Young guns 32/52
Thoona Travellers 16/43
Dilligaf 04/29


B Res-Grade.

Jaggers 5 def Oath Knoath 2

P. Melkovs 1t, K. Taylor-Cox 2t, G. Cooper 1t.

T S Tarts 4 def T S Talons 3

M. Smith 2t, B. Rankin 2t, R. Callander 2t, A. Sloan 3t, M. Kelly 2t.

3 Gen 4 def The Flyers 3

S. Knight 5t, D. Johnson 1t, A. Beggs 1t, A. Wallace 1t.

Bye: Pelicans



Pelicans 44/56
Jaggers 36/47
Tinshed Tarts 28/45
The Flyers 16/33
Tinshed Talons 12/41
Oath Knoath 12/33
3 Gen 08/25