The Bulls Eye

Round 1

Welcome back everyone hope you all had a good start to the winter comp, and a special welcome to any new members, happy darting. Big start on the 180 front, well done to: B. Barker 180, B. Hughes 180, D. Thompson 180, D. Ebbles 180.
Highest Peg Dianne Ebbles 127, well done to B. Morris with a 15 Dart game.



Darty Deeds 5 def Ski Club 2

B. Morris 6t including 180, B. Barker 6t, T. Loomes 4t, B. Hughes 6t including 180, B. Arnold 5t, A. Cryer 5t, J. Meloury 2t, M. Greenway 1t.

Damage Inc 4 def Pistols 3

D. Leonard 5t, D. Thompson 4t including 180, J. Walker 2t, T. Helmore 5t, A. Robinson 7t, D. Nish 1t.

Royals 4 def Under Par 3

L. Garton 3t, A. Taylor 6t, P. McKay 4t, J. Garton 2t, A. Bevan 6t, S. Rosenow 4t, D. Ebbles 4t, Dennis Ebbles 4t.



Darty Deeds 04/05
Damage Inc 04/04
Royals 04/04
Pistols 00/03
Under Par 00/03
Ski Club 00/02



Thoona Travellers 4def Rattlers 3

D. Parker 3t, C. Sallows 2t, K. Friske 2t, P. Cantlon 5t, G. Crosbie 1t, M. Brownlie 1t.

Pelicans 5 def Terminus 2

T. Canning 1t, T. Symons 2t, M. Crawford 1t, R. Canning 1t, J. Rodwell 5t, S. Taylor 1t, C. Midol 3t, J Velja 3t.

Young Guns 5 def Carefactor 2

Z. Leonard 3t, J. Ormond 7t, M. Leonard 2t, R. Willson 3t, K. Watts 4t, R. Dixon 1t, D. Hall 2t.



Pelicans 04/05
Young guns 04/05
Thoona Travellers 04/04
Rattlers 00/03
Carefactor 00/02
Terminus 00/02


B Res-Grade.

Jaggers 4 def Bambino Boozers 3

J. Cooper 1t, M. Kelly 2t, J. Tipper 2t, D. Hendrie 1t.

Tungamah Talons 5 def Miss Hits 2

A. Beggs 2t, A. Wallace 1t.

Thoona Thugs 4 def Woofies Tarts 3

D. Bowerman 1t, M. Dickson 1t, A. Fisher 1t, P. Revell 3t, B. Ashlin 1t, K. Stow 1t.

The Flyers 6 def Oath Knoath 1

S. Knight 3t, D. Johnson 2t, K. Birthisel 1t.



The Flyers 04/06
Tungamah Talons 04/05
Jaggers 04/04
Thoona Thugs 04/04
Woofies Tarts 00/03
Miss Hits 00/02
Oath Knoath 00/01


YMDA –Drawn Doubles Results:

1st  Paul Cantlon & Marcus Leonard.
2nd  Dianne Ebbels & Steve Major.
3rd Dennis Ebbels &  Rhonda Canning.
180’s –  Cody Midolo.  Highest Peg – Keith Watts (107).

The cold weather certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of dart players last weekend with great turnout for our monthly drawn doubles dart tournament with players coming from Corowa, Waiia and Benalla. Great food, awesome music and top darts were all on display. And if you want a piece of this action and fun ,roll up next month on the 9th Aug and the (2nd Sunday of every month thereafter) for just $5 per player come along try your luck and see if you can bag the cash on offer. Thanks also to our sponsor the “Yarrawonga Pelican Hotel” for the meal/drinks vouchers as prizes as well.