The Bulls Eye Round 3

  3rd Round in and there have been some nice darts hitting the board, let’s hope you can keep it up. Only 1 person threw a 180 this week and that was Ray Lindsay, congratulations Ray another one to add to the collection. It’s been great to see that most games are coming down to the teams, it all ways makes it more interesting when it comes down to the last game of the night to see who will come out on top at the end of the night.

A Grade.

Ski Club 5 def Rattlers 2.
R.Lindsay 7t, 180, M.Woodward 3t, 20.87pda, B.Morris 3t, T.Loomes 1t, M.Brownlie 1t, R.Gook 2t, G.Crosbie 3t, P.Cantlon 1t, C.Sloman 2t.

Golf Club 4 def Young Guns 3.
J.Walker 3t, D.Hanel 3t, J.Bakkum 6t, 18d/g, 22.26pda, D.Leonard 2t, J.Ormand 5t, 18d/g, 22.26pda, B.Hughes 3t, R.MacDonald 3t, Z.Leonard 3t, M.Leonard 1t.

Damage Inc 4 def Underpar 3.
T.Helmore 2t, A.Robinson 3t, C.Midolo 1t, 92peg, 21.31pda, J.Burns 3t, L.Walsh 4t, D.Ebbles 4t, A.Bevan 2t, 19.26pda, 89peg.

Golf Club 12 13
Ski Club 8 13
Damage Inc 8 11
Young Guns 4 10
Under Par 4 8
The Rattlers 0 8

B Grade.

 Thoona Travellers 4 def Rattlers 2.0 3.
D.Parker 1t, C.Sallows 3t, A.White 1t, K.Fiske 3t, 70peg, C.Crosbie 1t, A.Lohse 3t, B.Lush 3t, P.Ward 1t.

Carefactor 6 def Team 26 1.
K.Watts 5t, B.Bogle 4t, R.Dixon 2t, 63peg, R.Wilson 2t, D.Carrol 5t.

Dartin Devils 5 def Peilcans 2.
N.Barker 3t, M.Hopgood 6t, J.Rodwell 1t, P.Roksandic 4t, T.Symons 2t, T.Canning 1t, R.Canning 1t.


Carefactor 12 14
Dartin' Devils 8 12
Team 26 8 9
Thoona Travellers 4 10
Pelicans 4 9
Rattlers 2.0 0 9

B Res.

 Miss Hits 4 def Grasshoppers 3.
L.Henwood 1t, D.Perkins 1t, G.Perkins 3t, P.McGuane 64peg.

Jaggers 4 def The Flyers 3.
D.Rust 2t, 60peg, G.Cooper 1t, D.Johnson 2t, A.Kuol 7t, J.Russel 1t.

41ers 6 def Yarra B.A.D 1
C.Hyland 3t, P.Melkovs 4t, I.Duus 2t S.Talbot 1t, B.Ashin 2t.


4lers 12 19
The Jaggers 8 10
Tungamah Talons 8 8
The Flyers 4 10
Miss Hits 4 7
Yarra B.A.D. 0 5
Grasshoppers 0 4

Super League starts this Tuesday 7:30pm start, Names in by 7pm.