The Bulls Eye

Finals news & results

Congratulations to the following teams making it to the finals.
Good luck everyone.
All games played at the Club Rooms.


Darty Deeds V Ski Club
Pistols To Officiate


Redbacks V Carefactor
T.S Tavern To Officiate

B Res-Grade.

The Pelicans V The Flyers  
Jaggers To Officiate

No Changes are to be made to teams that are Officiating.

Well done to J. Walker 180, The Yarrawonga Hotel (Pelican) encouragement voucher this week goes to Dave Hall.

Coming Dates to Remember:Captains meeting 16th  June @ 7:00 pm – club rooms.
Winter Comp will start on the 9th July.
Mixed Doubles Championships 18 June @ club rooms.
Doubles championships 25th June @ club rooms.
Singles 2nd July @ TBA.
Also the AGM is to be held on the 28 July @ 7:pm sharp, this is the time, to bring up, step up or shut up. Questions concerns or join committee, have a go!!

Last week’s results:


Ski Club 4Def Pistols 3


Carefactor 4 def T.S.Tavern 1

B Res-Grade.

Flyers 4 def Jaggers 0