The Bulls Eye

Round 7 Presidents Handicapped Round

Well done  to A. Cryer 180, and highest peg was T. Helmore 102 peg.
This week The Yarrawonga Hotel award went to Rhonda Canning 171. Well Done!!


Pistols 5 def Miss Hits 2

D. Thomson 9t, J. Bakkun 2t, D. Leonard 3t, Jacko 3t, A. Begs 4t, M. Crawford 1t.

Young Guns 6 def Thoona Thugs 1

J. Ormond 5t, Z. Leonard 8t, R. MacDonald 2t, J. Blunt 1t, A. Wood 1t, P. Revell 1t.

Rattlers 4 def Tungamah Talons 3

P. Cantlon 3t, M. Brownlie 4t, G. Crosbie 2t, C. Fraser 1t, J. Helmore 1t, R. Callander 1t, B. Rankin 1t.

Under Par 5 def Pelicans 2

A. Bevan 5t, D. Ebbles 4t, Diann Ebbles 1t, A. Fraser 1t, T. Symons 3t, R. Canning 3t.

Damage Inc 4 def Woofies Tarts 3

J. Burns 3t, D. Nish 5t, T. Helmore 11t, M. Burns 3t, Annie 3t, Corina 1t, Mandy 1t.

The Royals 6 def the Flyers 1

I. McCarthy 4t, P. MacKay 11t, A. Taylor 6t, L. Garton 1t, S. Knight 5t, A. Kuol 2t, R. Parsell 1t.

Ski Club 5 def Carefactor 2

B. Morris 8t, Brad 3t, Ray 3t, Scott 3t, R. Wilson 1t, R. Dixon 2t, Keith 4t.

Darty Deeds 7 def Oath Knoath 0

J. Meloury 6t, A. Cryer 8t, B. Hughes 9t, M. Greenway 4t, I. Duus 3t, P. Melkovs 1t.

Terminus 5 def  The Jaggers 2

C. Midolo 6t, M. Purdon 2t, J. Rodwell 1t, J. Velja 1t, K. Taylor-Cox 2t, G. Cooper 1t.

Thoona Travellers 7 def Bambino Boozers – Forfeit




Pistols 24/32
Darty Deeds 20/31
Damage Inc 20/26
The Royals 16/22
Ski Club 12/26
Under Par 04/19




Young guns 30/37
Rattlers 16/37
Terminus 16/26
Thoona Travellers 16/16
Pelicans 08/20
Carefactor 04/16


B Res-Grade.


The Flyers 16/25
Miss Hits 16/25
Oath Knoath 12/22
Thoona Thugs 12/24
Jaggers 12/20
Tungamah Talons 08/24
Woofies Tarts 08/22
Bambino Boozers 06/18