The Bulls Eye

Round 10

Well done to J. Bakkum and Miles 180, and highest peg was J. Burns 117.

Weekend Drawn Doubles results:

Drawn Doubles
1st Joyce Blunt & Ray Lindsay.
2nd Colleen Crosbie & Paul Cantlon.
3rd Zac Leonard & Jai Kilpatrick.
Highest Peg (89) Zac Leonard.



The Royals 4 def Damage Inc 3

J. Burns 3t, L. Burns 1t, J. Burns 1t, D. Nish 3t, J. Paterson 2t, A. Taylor 3t, P. Mackay 4t.

Ski Club 5 def Under Par 2

R. Lindsay 2t, M. Woodward 5t, S. Neil 7t, T. Loomes 4t, A. Bevan 7t, D. Ebbles 1t.

Pistols 4 def Darty Deeds 3

A. Cryer 7t, J. Meloury 2t, B. Hughes 4t, Miles 6t, J. Bakkum 7t, Dick 7t, Dean 4t, Mark 1t.



Pistols 36/45
Darty Deeds 28/43
Ski Club 24/43
Damage Inc 20/33
The Royals 20/31
Under Par 04/26



Carefactor 5 def The Pelicans 2

R. Canning 3t, T. Symons 1t, K. Watts 6t, D. Hall 2t, R. Wilson 2t..

Young Guns 4 def Rattlers 3

P. Skinner 4t, L. Wallace 1t, R. MacDonald 2t, Z. Leonard 4t, C. Crosbie 1t, P. Cantlon 3t, G. Crosbie 1t, M. Brownlie 1t.

Terminus 4 def Thoona Travellers 2

A. White 2t, K. Friske 2t, C. Sallows 1t, D. Parker 1t, C. Midilo 5t.



Young guns 40/51
Thoona Travellers 24/40
Terminus 24/37
Rattlers 16/36
Carefactor 12/28
Pelicans 08/23


B Res-Grade.

The Flyers 5 def Woofies Tarts 2

A. Kuol 3t, D. Johnson 2t, A. Fisher 1t.

Oath Knoath 5 def Tungamah Talons 2

R. Callander 1t, M. Smith 2t, I. Duus 2t, B. Wallace 1t.

The Jaggers 5 def Thoona Thugs 2

D. Rust 1t, Kalub Taylor-Cox 2t, G. Cooper 3t, B. Ashlin 2t, K. Stow1t, J. Blunt 1t.

Miss Hits 7 def Bambino Boozers 0 (Forfeit Bambinos)



Miss Hits 28/40
The Flyers 24/37
Jaggers 24/36
Oath Knoath 24/34
Tungamah Talons 12/33
Woofies Tarts 10/31
Thoona Thugs 10/29
Bambino Boozers 06/24