The Bulls Eye

Finals news and round 15 results

Well done to the teams that made finals good luck and happy darting!
A Grade
Darty Deeds V Ski Club @ Thoona Pub - Tinshed Tigers To Officiate
Pistols V Burnseyes @ Pistols Tavern - Underpar To Officiate

B Grade
Redbacks V Tinshed Tavern @ Clubhouse - Thoona Travellers To Officiate
Carefactor V Young Guns @ Clubhouse - Dilligaf To Officiate

B Res
Pelicans V Jaggers @ Yarrawonga Hotel - Oath Knoath To Officiate
Tinshed Tarts V The Flyers @ Clubhouse - Tinshed Talons To Officiate

No Changes are to be made to teams that are Officiating

Well Done to K Watts and J Ormond for 180 and highest peg was R Lindsay 93


Ski Club 6 def Mrs Browns Boys 1

M. Rudwell 2t, Jan Rudwell 1t, S. Bankier 4t, J. Velja 3t, M. Woodward 7t, T. Loomes 2t, B. Morris 3t, R. Lindsay 4t.

Under Par 6 def Burnseys 1(no sheet)

T S Tigers Forfeit to Darty Deeds

Bye: Pistols



Darty Deeds 48/70
Ski Club 48/65
Pistols 36/62
Burnseyes 18/33
Under Par 16/41
Tinshed Tigers 16/33
Mrs Brown's Boys 04/35



Redbacks 5 def T S Tavern 2

J. Paterson 2t, R. Hall 6t, R. Marshall 4t, C. Midolo 7t, C. Ashton 4t, J. Ormond 1t, S. Chivers 3t.

Carefactor 4 def Thoona Travellers 3

K. Watts 7t, B. Bogle 2t, D. Hall 2t, A. White 5t, Di Parker 1t, C. Sallows 2t.

Young Gunns 4 def Dilligaf 3

P. Cantlon 2t, M. Brownlie 5t, G. Crosbie 2t, T. Helmore 3t, Z. Leonard 5t, Maggie 1t, M. Leonard 1t.



Redbacks 44/66
Tinshed Tavern 40/62
Carefactor 40/58
Young guns 36/56
Thoona Travellers 16/46
Dilligaf 04/32


B Res-Grade.

Pelicans 5 def The flyers 2

T. Canny 2t, T. Symons 1t, S. Knight 2t.

T S Tarts 4 def 3 Gen 3

A. Beggs 1t, A. Fisher 1t, Andy 1t, M. Dickson 1t.

T S Talons 4 def Oath Knoath 3

I. Duus 1t, A. McPhee 1t, M. Smith 1t.

Bye: Jaggers



Pelicans 48/61
Jaggers 36/47
Tinshed Tarts 32/49
The Flyers 18/35
Tinshed Talons 16/45
Oath Knoath 12/46
3 Gen 08/28