The Bulls Eye

President's Handicap Round

Well done to all in the President’s Handicap Round, R. Lindsay 180, M. Hopgood 180,
J. Ormond 180, C. Strobel 180, and unfortunately Cody 180 on a bust doesn’t count, but you got the highest peg 76



Pelicans 4 def Under Par 3

A. Bevan 7t, Dennis 9t, T. Symons 3t, T. Canning 3t.

Ski Club 6 def Tins Shed Talons 1

R. Lindsay 180 & 8t, Brian 11t, M. Woodward 11t, T. Loomes 3t, N. Lindsay 1t, A. McPhee 1t, B. Rankin 2t, J. Helmore 1t, M Smith 1t.

Pistols 6 Def Oath Knoath 1

Darren 2t, Phil 1t, J. Bukkum 11t, J. Walker 3t, D. Leonard 9t, M. Hopgood 180 & 4t.

Darty Deeds 6 def Young Guns 1

C. Strobel 180 & 9t, B. Hughes 8t, J. Meloury 4t, A. Cryer 6t, Z. Leonard 6t, M. Leonard 4t, R. McDonald 4t.

T S Tigers 4 def Red Backs 3

D. Scoones 9t, W. Kuscher 8t, L. Garton 2t, G. McCarthy2t, C. Midolo 3t, J. Ormond180&5t, P. Revell 3t.


Jaggers forfiet  to Mrs Browns Boys



Ski Club 24/33
Pistols 20/34
Darty Deeds 20/29
Tinshed Tigers 12/21
Burnseyes 12/17
Mrs Brown's Boys 04/22
Under Par 04/18



Burnseys 5 def Dilligaf 2

P. Cantlon 6t, M. Brownlie 3t, G. Crosbie 1t, J. Burns 4t, M. Burns 1t, L. Burns 2t, A. Young 1t.

Thoona 5 Def Tin Shed Tarts 2

C. Sallows 2t, Di Parker 2t, A. Fisher 2t, M. Dickson 2t, M. Kelly 1t.


The Flyers forfeit to Tin Shed Tavern

3 Gen forfeit to Carefactor



Tinshed Tavern 24/33
Carefactor 24/30
Redbacks 16/28
Young guns 12/26
Thoona Travellers 08/22
Dilligaf 00/12


B Res-Grade.



Pelicans 20/27
Jaggers 16/24
The Flyers 14/19