The Bulls Eye

Round 3 and report from the Griffith challenge

Well done to J. Walker 180, and highest peg A. Taylor 111

The Yarrawonga Hotel encouragement award last week went D. Rust with a nice peg 103 well done



Darty Deeds 6 def Damage Inc 1

J. Meleory 5t, A. Cryer 6t, B. Hughes 9t, M. Greenway 2t, J. Burns 1t, L. Burns 2t, N. Chamberts 3t.

Royals 4 def Ski Club 3

B. Morris 9t, B. Barker 6t, R. Lindsay 3t, S. Neil 2t, J. Paterson 3t, A. Taylor 6t, P. Mckay 3t, L. Garton 4t.

Pistols 5 def Under Par 2

J. Walker 4t, J. Bakkum 4t, D. Leonard 4t, M. Hopgood 2t, A. Bevan 7t, D. Ebbles 3t, S. Rosenow 2t, Di Ebbles 2t.



Darty Deeds 12/16
Pistols 08/14
Royals 08/10
Damage Inc
Ski Club 00/08
Under Par 00/07



Young guns 6 def Pelicans 1

T. Canning 2t, T. Symons 1t, Z. Leonard 2t.

Thoona Travellers 5 def Carefactor 2

K. Watts 3t, R. Dixon 2t, C. Sallows 4t, K. Fiske 1t, A. White 1t.

Terminus 4 def Rattlers 3

J. Veja 3t, C. Midilo 4t, J. Rodwell 3t, G. Crosbie 3t, P. Cantlon 1t, C. Fraser 1t.



Young guns 12/16
Thoona Travellers 08/12
Pelicans 08/10
Rattlers 04/11
Terminus 04/08
Carefactor 00/06


B Res-Grade.

The Flyers 5 def Thoona Thugs 2

R. Parsell 1t, D. Johnson 1t, S. Knight 4t, Joyce 1t, P. Revell 2t, K. Stow 1t.

Miss Hits 5 def Jaggers 2

R. Rust 1t, D. Rust 2t, G. Cooper 2t.

Oath Knoath 5 def Bambino Boozers 2

P. Melkov 2t, Justin 1t, Dylan 1t, Justin 1t, Graeme 1t.

Woofies Tarts 4 def Tungamah Talons 3

R. Callender 1t, A. Sloan 1t.



The Flyers 12/15
Miss Hits
Jaggers 08/10
Oath Knoath 08/10
Tungamah Talons 04/11
Woofies Tarts 04/10
Thoona Thugs 04/09
Bambino Boozers 00/07


Griffith Challenge July 2015

Well done to all the players over the weekend.

Our Griffith challenge over the weekend was a lot of fun with 17 players travelling down to Yarrawonga to challenge us. This year we defeated them with 56 games over 25. We now keep the trophy for this year. A lot of fun was had by all. Thank you to all players who put their hand up to play. Stand outs for the weekend were 'highest score'
Gwen Crosbie 165, her daughter Colleen who threw her first 180 ever.
Cody [Y] 96 peg and Rob [G] 107 peg.
108 tons were thrown overall.
Thank you, Roshel for taking control of food and bar. Excellent job, food delicious.
Can't wait till we travel up to Griffith next year...”