The Bulls Eye

Round 11

Yarrawonga-Mulwala Darts Association would to take this opportunity to thank The Pelican Hotel for its support in donating vouchers to our members who achieve outstanding results or achievements. Congratulations to our first winner, Darren McDonald on his first 180 in the Social League, well done.
This support is greatly appreciated.

Well done this week to M. Woodward 2x180, S. Knight 180, and the highest peg 99 was W. Kuscher.
The writer would like to apologise for missing last week’s report.



Under Par 5 def Mrs Brown Boys 2

A. Bevan 3t, Debbles 2t, A. Rosenow 2t, M. Rodwell 5t, J. Rodwell 2t, S. Bankier 5t.

Darty Deeds 4 def Pistols 3

Justin 6t, J. Walker 4t, M. Hopgood 2t, D. Thomson 6t, Dean 1t, Trev 7t, Anthony 3t, John 1t, B. Hughes5t.

Ski Club 5 def Tin Shed Tigers 2

W. Kuscher 3t, L. Garton 3t, M. Woodward 6t (including 2 x180), R. Lindsay 5t, T. Loomes 3t, B. Morris 5t.

Bye: Burnseyes



Darty Deeds 36/51
Ski Club 36/49
Pistols 28/49
Tinshed Tigers 16/28
Burnseyes 10/23
Under Par 08/28
Mrs Brown's Boys 04/28



Tin Shed Tavern 5 def Young Guns 2

Z. Leonard 5t, M. Leonard 3t, M. Cooper 1t, B. Hall 4t, R. Hall 2t, R. Marshall 4t, R. Marshall 1t.

Redbacks 4 def Carefactor 3

R. Dixon 4t, K. Watts 4t, B. Bogle 2t, C. Ashton 7t, P. Revell 1t, J. Ormond 5t, S. Chivers 1t, C. Midolo 3t.

Thoona Travellers 4 def  Dilligaf 3

C. Fraser 1t, G. Croshie 4t, P. Cantlon 2t, M. Brownlie 2t, Terry 2t, D. Parker 2t, P. Rogash 2t, A. White 1t, C. Sallows 4t.



Redbacks 32/48
Tinshed Tavern 32/46
Carefactor 28/43
Young guns 20/40
Thoona Travellers 16/36
Dilligaf 04/22


B Res-Grade.

Pelicans 6 def  Jaggers 1

T. Canning 1t, T. Symons 1t, A. Fraser 1t, G. Cooper 1t.

Tin Shed Talons 4 def 3 Gen 3

J. Denny 1t, J. Chesseman 1t, M. Smith 2t.

Oath Knoath 4 def The Flyers 3

S. Knight 3t (including180), R. Spencer 1t.

Bye: Tin Shed Tarts



Pelicans 36/47
Jaggers 24/34
Tinshed Tarts 20/32
The Flyers 16/30
Tinshed Talons 12/33
Oath Knoath 08/22
3 Gen 04/20