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Vic Under 25’s State Try Outs.

In Melbourne last weekend, 20 of Victoria finest young dart players competed for the opportunity to make the under 25’s Victorian State Dart Team. This year our local representative from Yarrawonga-Mulwala Darts Ass was Cody Beau Midolo who finished in 8th spot and only missing by the narrowest of margins by only 3 spots to gain a position.
According to Cody’s performance his shortest leg was 15 darts, highest peg (164), best winning game average 28.35 and his overall average for the weekend was 18.68.
The next big event Cody is aiming for is to head to Queensland to play in the state qualifier with the chance to then make the Australian Side to go to Malaysia for the World Championships in Soft tip darts.


Round 12

Well done J. Walker 2x180, T. Helmore 2x 180 and Diann Ebbles 180 and highest peg was M. Leonard 96.



Ski Club 5 def  Darty Deeds 2

M. Woodward 7t, R. Lindsay 4t, Brad 2t, Tim 1t, B. Morris 5t, B. Hughes 5t, A. Cryer 5t, M. Greenway 2t, John 3t, C. Strobel 2t.

Pistols 4 def Damage Inc 3

D. leonard 2t, J. Walker 6t, J. Bakkum 6t, D. Thompson 1t, T. Helmore 8t, A. Robinson 6t, D. Nish 2t, J. Burns 2t.

UnderPar 4 def The Royals 3

P. Macilat 6t, J. Patterson 3t, A. Taylor 5t, J. Troup 1t, Lucy 1t, A. Bevan 5t, S. Rosenow 2t, D. Ebbles 3t, Diann Ebbles 4t.



Pistols 40/52
Ski Club 32/52
Darty Deeds 32/52
Damage Inc 20/38
The Royals 20/34
Under Par 12/35



Terminus 4 def the Pelicans 3

C. Midilo 6t, S. Taylor 2t, M. Rodwell 1t, J. Rodwell 1t, T. Canning 1t, D. Barrat 1t, T. Symons 2t, R. Canning 1t.

Young Guns 6 def Carefactor 1

K. Watts 3t, R. Dixon 1t, M. Leonard 3t, J. Ormond 3t, R. MacDonald 4t, Z. Leonard 5t.

Rattlers 4 def Thoona Travellers 3

No Sheet



Young guns 48/63
Terminus 25/44
Rattlers 24/46
Thoona Travellers 24/44
Carefactor 16/33
Pelicans 08/27


B Res-Grade.

Oath Knoath 4 def Miss Hits 3

I. Duus 2t.

Thoona thugs 6 def Tungamah Talons 1

R. Callander 1t, B. Ashlin 1t, K. Stow 2t.

The Flyers 4 def The Jaggers 3

A. Kuol 2t, D. Johnson 2t, G. Cooper 1t.

Woofies Tarts 7def Bambino Boozers 0 – Forfeit  BB



Oath Knoath 32/44
Miss Hits 28/46
The Flyers 28/44
Jaggers 28/43
Thoona Thugs 18/39
Tungamah Talons 16/38
Woofies Tarts 14/41
Bambino Boozers 06/25