The Bulls Eye

Yarra V Benalla Sunday 18/10/2015

Yarrawonga/Mulwala Darts Association hosted Benalla Darts Association for the 2nd time this year at the Yarrawonga Club House. 4 x teams of 6 dart players per team took to the Oche. Ladies, A & B and Mixed Teams.  
Over the day 100 tons thrown, Brian Morris throwing a 180 maximum score.
Magnificent pegs included: 132 by Mick Woodward (Yarra), 120 Steve Major (Benalla), Shaun C. 105, also from Benalla.
End result was Yarrawonga 24 to Benalla 20.
"A" grade Yarra 6 Benalla 5,
"B" grade Benalla 6 Yarra 5,
"Ladies" Benalla 7 Yarra 4
"Mixed" Yarra 9 Benalla 2
Great day thanks to all who helped Mandy with the Kitchen & Bar. Better luck next year Benalla.

Round 15

No 180’s this week saving it for the finals I think! Highest peg 106 A. Taylor and C. Strobel


Pistols 4 def  Darty Deeds 3

D. Thompson 1t, J. Bukkum 6t, D. Leonard 1t, J. Walker 8t, A. Cryer 5t, C. Strobel 10t, B. Hughes 4t, J. Meloury 2t.

Darty Deeds 5 def Damage Inc 2

A. Robinson 6t, D. Nish 4t, T. Helmore 6t, A. Taylor 9t, P. MacKay 1t, L. Garton 1t.

Ski Club 6 def  Under par 1



Pistols 52/66
Ski Club 44/69
Darty Deeds 40/65
Damage Inc 24/47
The Royals 20/38
Under Par 12/40



Young Guns 6 def The Rattlers 1

G. Crosbie 4t, C. Crosbie 2t, P. Cantlon 1t, M. Leonard 2t, P. Skinner 2t, Lisa 3t, Z. Leonard 2t.

Thoona Travellers 4 def Terminus 3

A. White 3t, Carol 2t, A. Meloury 1t, C. Midlo 2t, J. Veja 1t, J. Rodwell 1t.

The Pelicans 4 def Carefactor 3

K. Watts 3t, R. Dixon 1t, R. Wilson 1t, T. Symons 4t, R. Canning 1t, T. Canning 2t.



Young guns 60/79
Rattlers 32/55
Thoona Travellers 36/58
Terminus 28/52
Carefactor 16/41
Pelicans 16/37


B Res-Grade.

Thoona Thugs 5 def Oath Knoath 2

K. Stow 1t, I. Duus 1t, S. Talbot 1t.

Woofies Tarts 6 def The Jaggers 1

A. Fisher 1t, J. Cooper 1t, Doug Rust 2t.

The Flyers 6 def Miss Hits 1

R. Parsell 1t, D. Johnson 1t, S. Knight 1t, A. Wallace Alyson 1t.

Tungamah Talons 7 def Bambino Boozers 0 (forfeit)



The Flyers 40/62
Oath Knoath 40/54
Miss Hits 32/53
Thoona Thugs 30/56
Jaggers 28/50
Tungamah Talons 24/51
Woofies Tarts 18/20
Bambino Boozers 06/26