The Bulls Eye

Round 10

Second week back and the 180’s are back, well done: J. Bakkum 180, D. Wells 180, and highest peg J. Ormond 122.



Pistols 5 def Under Par 2

J. Bakkum 10t including 180, J. Walker 5t, D. Thompson 5t, M. Hopgood 2t, A. Bevan 8t, S. Rosenow1t, D. Ebbles 3t.

Tin Shed Tigers 5 def  Mrs Browns Boys 2

S. Bankier 6t, J. Rudwell 1t, L. Garton1t, D. Scoones 2t, I. McCarthy 1t.

Darty Deeds 6 def Burnseys 1

John 7t, Antz 4t, Bill H. 7t, Miles 2t, D. Wells 180, Bill A. 3t, Lindsay 4t, J. Burns 1t, A. Young2t.

Bye: Ski Club



Darty Deeds 32/49
Ski Club 32/44
Pistols 28/43
Tinshed Tigers 20/28
Burnseyes 10/23
Mrs Brown's Boys 04/25
Under Par 04/23



Young 5 def Dilligaf 2

Z. Leonard 2t, R. MacDonald 3t, M. Leonard1t, T. Helmore 6t, G. Crossbie 3t, P. Cartlon3t.

Redbacks 6 def Tin Shed Tavern 1

J. Ormond 4t, C. Ashton 2t, P. Revell3t, C. Midolo 3t, Ros Hall 1t, R. Marshall 5t, J. Paterson 3t, R. Hall 2t.

Thoona Travellers 4 def Carefactor 3

A. White 2t, A. Paterson 1t, P. Rogash 1t, C. Shallows 5t, D. Parker 1t, K. Watts 6t, R. Dixon4t, R. Wilson 1t, R. Dixon 1t



Tinshed Tavern 28/41
Carefactor 28/40
Redbacks 28/38
Young guns 20/33
Thoona Travellers 12/32
Dilligaf 04/19


B Res-Grade.

Pelicans 4 def  Tin Shed Tarts 3

T. Canning 2t, T.C. Symons 2t, A. Sloan 4t, A. Fisher 2t.

Jaggers 5 def  3 Gen 2

A. Wallace 1t.

The Flyers 4 def  Tin Shed Talons 3

M. Smith 2t, J. Helmore 1t.

Bye: Oath Knoath



Pelicans 32/41
Jaggers 24/33
Tinshed Tarts 20/32
The Flyers 18/27
Tinshed Talons 08/24
Oath Knoath 04/18
3 Gen 04/17